Honeymoon in Paradise

Your Caribbean honeymoon is a dream come true! The personalized service on a crewed yacht and the tropical surroundings offer unbelievable memories to last a lifetime.

Enjoy your Caribbean tropical Honeymoon in the British Virgin Islands

Imagine a Caribbean honeymoon like no other in the British Virgin Islands. A private charter boat awaits you at what is considered “Nature’s Best Secret” among the Caribbean islands.

If you have never been on a Caribbean yacht charter before, you are in for a treat. What better way to see the BVIs and have luxury accommodations you need for less than you would expect to pay for larger cruise ships and resorts.

Included in your honeymoon:
•A private sailing charter for you and your spouse.
•Gourmet meals cooked to order on your private charter, or let the Captain take you to some exotic and exciting places to dine on one of the many islands that dot the BVIs.
•Snorkeling at some of the top secluded areas including The Baths.
•Private beach locations for you and your spouse to explore.
•Some of the best nightlife in the Caribbean!

Create Unforgettable Moments

Searching for a new honeymoon idea? A romantic type honeymoon getaway and one of the most perfect destination for Caribbean honeymoons available? An all inclusive Honeymoon on a crewed charter yacht is a dream for honeymoon couples who want the best of every tropical island possible. A honeymoon cruise on a private sailing yacht or catamaran offers romantic scenery, relaxing hideaways and breezy, spontaneous adventures – beyond your expectations. With enough private time to share with the one you love.

Experience the Caribbean sun, sand, clear blue water and the fragrance of our gorgeous tropical islands. The British Virgin Islands provide the ultimate in Caribbean luxury vacations. Every moment of the day, you may relax and explore at your leisure, all that there is.

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