Crewed Sailing Yachts

Feel the wind in your sails translate immediately into acceleration, experience the bow cutting the waves smoothly and the boat moving forward, just driven by nature. That’s the experience sailors look for. The journey is the reward.

Traditional Sailing Yachts, also called Mono Hulls, are the most economical way to sail the BVI

If you have never experienced a vacation aboard a crewed yacht charter, you are in for a wonderful surprise! Having a charter with a captain and crew allows you to enjoy yourself aboard a private yacht.

The Captain knows the US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands and the Caribbean well. The Captain will sail you to beautiful beaches and spectacular reefs for diving and snorkeling. You’ll get to visit the Baths, one of the BVI’s most famous landmarks. You’ll also anchor in some of the most famous party spots in the British Virgin Islands.

Your crewed sailing yacht charter will include gourmet meals, drinks, snorkeling and relaxing at some of the most famous party places in the Caribbean.

Economy Sailing Yachts

Crewed sailing yachts in the 40′-45′ range are a great way for one or two couples to have a great time on a lower budget. Most boats offer full all inclusive service with captain and chef, but some are also available with “captain only” packages. This is the way to go if you want to eat out often or do not mind to take over the cooking.

The Midsize Class

If you move up to the 50′ class you will find more space inside and on deck and in some cases more cabins. More of theses yachts offer amenities like generator and air conditioning. Large dinghies with more horse power alow for better watersport activity options. Large yachts also handle windy conditions and higher waves much better. Off course, it comes with a higher price tag.

Luxury Sailing Yachts

The sky is the limit. This is the highest level of service and sophistication. The pictures speak for themselves. Many of these luxury crewed sailing yachts are sailing in the BVI in the Winter and offer The Mediterranean in the summer.

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